New Client Registration Process:




1. Register as a new client in Therapy Appointment. Click this link and you will be taken to a secure site called Therapy Appointment. Click "Register as a new patient/client" and Therapy Appointment will collect your personal information, create your personal login, and collect the necessary insurance information. If you have an EAP, please note the number or sessions and authorization number in Reason for Appointment. When complete, click "Submit to Mrs. Stanton" at the bottom of the form. Do not close the window and proceed to step 2.


2. Complete the Biography: After completing the registration in Step 1, you'll be asked to complete a biography. Click on "Complete Form Now" and fill out the information. Completing this form will take approximately 30 minutes. Click "Send this form to Mrs. Stanton" at the bottom of the form. Do not click "Set appointment" for first time clients.


3. Informed Consent Form, Payment Information, and HIPAA Policy:

Click this link Print, complete, scan, and return the form (four pages) by email to If you prefer, you may fax the completed form to 832-442-5707. Please be sure to review the HIPPA policy, which is attached to the form. EAP client's must also have a valid credit card on file.

Last Update: September 1, 2020